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RTC Insulation Ltd

30 years of experience dealing with specialist insulation

RTC Insulation Ltd is a specialist insulation contractor carrying out all types of industrial insulation works from cryogenic applications to high temperature systems. The core business of RTC specialises in working within the food manufacturing industry, an area requiring more specialised finishes and the ability to work within very demanding surroundings.

RTC Insulation Ltd Was formed in 1992

by its current Managing Director and has grown to become one of the major contractors in its field. RTC has always strived to be innovative and forward thinking in its approach to applications.

The insulation work we carry out is not only for Energy Conservation issues, but in many circumstances is to protect the working environment of employees, and may also be to ensure critical process temperatures are achieved.

RTC Insulation offer a bespoke service where we would attend your premises and conduct a site survey identifying all services that would benefit from the fitting of insulation to reduce the overall energy consumption of the premises.

Once completed the locations and quantities of insulation required would be detailed in a site survey report.

Heat saving and carbon reduction calculations would then be carried out for each area to determine the actual energy achieved by fitting the insulation detailed.

It is then possible to determine an actual payback period achieved by the fitting of insulation.